Saturday, April 12, 2014

So this is goodbye

I have been so quiet.. Well not that quiet but I learnt to keep it low key. My lovelife. I tried my best to keep everything inside me. I may express my "kilig" or happiness on twitter sometimes but I don't mention names. Why? Maybe because I am too tired to be talked about. Too tired of all the "chismis" and issues. I'm a drama queen but once in a while I get so tired of all the drama and shits around it. And also, I am just playing the field. But every player has a star player or a favorite. And now, I am blogging coz I can't keep it all in anymore. I'll still won't mention any names, that's how it should be.

Here it goes.
Start of rant. 

My heart is aching a little. No. A lot. It's just so hard to let go of someone you don't want to let go but you should. It is like "us against the world" feeling. Friends think that he is no good for me. That I deserved someone better. What hurts the most is that I, myself, know that. I know that the future I want will never be with him. It is like I can picture my future but can't picture him beside me. I can't do anything but to cry and just let it slip away.. Again. I wish I could just go back and turn everything right. And maybe, just maybe, instead of thinking how it's not meant to be and that how wrong we are for each other, it will be the other way.

I keep trying to blame this to others and have a root cause analysis in my mind. That maybe if my father didn't leave us, maybe life wouldn't be this hard. That maybe I will have a different perspective of love and life. But I just can't. Because deep inside me, I know, that there is no one to blame but myself. No one but me. Blaming myself because I have big dreams. Blaming myself that I want a better life. Blaming myself because I make decisions without thinking it over a hundred times.

This is what I get for letting my heart win. Never again.

End of rant x

Monday, March 24, 2014

The girlfriend, the cheater and the other woman

"Cheating and lying aren't struggles, they're reasons to break up"

Cheating. An act of unfaithfulness towards your partner. Cheating is not just about being sexually involved to another person. Once you find yourself deleting your call logs and inbox, you are cheating already.

Sabi nila, may reasons naman daw kaya nagchicheat ang isang tao. Busy yung girlfriend, walang oras yung girlfriend, nasa ibang bansa yung girlfriend, di sila nagkakaintindihan ng girlfriend.. Whatever it is! Hindi sapat na dahilan yun to cheat. If you are unhappy, end it. Don't make things complicated.

Wala nang papatunguhan tong blog post na to kaya magkwekwento na lang ako. Ang kwentong ito ay kathang isip lamang. Walang pangalan na ilalagay para maiwasan ang pagiging assuming ng mga tao. :)

Once a upon a time, may isang lalaki. Medyo hindi malaki katawan nya, malaki man ang paa nya pero maliit ang kanyang... Sapatos. Hahahaha! Naglalakad ang lalaking ito sa isang hardin. Sa paglalakad nya nakakita nakakita sya ng isang caterpillar. Inalagaan nya ito. Ito ang nagsilbing kaibigan nya. Masaya sya kasama itong caterpillar na ito. Shempre alam naman natin na lumalaki ang caterpillar, nagiging butterfly sya. Edi naging butterfly na ang caterpillar pero di pa rin sya umaalis sa tabi ng lalaki. Isang araw, may dumating na uwak. Ngayon lang nakakita ang lalaki ng uwak. Nilapitan nya ito at nakitang may bali ang pakpak neto, naawa sya sa uwak. Inalagaan nya ang uwak. Nang gumaling ang uwak, lumipad ito at iniwan ang lalaki. Nalungkot ang lalaki pero shempre nandon parin para sakanya yung butterfly na nagpapasaya sakanya. Habang lumilipas ang mga araw na magkasama lagi ang butterfly at ang lalaki na masaya, biglang bumalik ang uwak. Nagulat ang lalaki at di ineexpect na babalik pa ang uwak. Di alam ng lalaki kung amanong gagawin nya kasi masaya sya sa butterfly pero naaawa sya sa uwak na bumalik pa para sakanya. Pero sa huli, pinili ng lalaki ang uwak kasi nakakaawa ang uwak. Kasi hindi kaya ng uwak ang mag isa. Kaya ang ginawa na lang ng butterfly ay lumipad at naging masaya. The end.

Cheating is a choice. There is no such thing as "di ko sinasadyang saktan ka." bullshit kasi una pa lang, alam mo na na masasaktan yung girlfriend. Once someone cheated on you and you forgave them, they will much likely repeat it. 
The other woman might be wrong. Yes, mali sya na pumatol sya sa may girlfriend. Pero come to think of it, there wouldn't be an other woman if the boyfriend is satisfied with the girlfriend diba? The only thing the other woman is wrong with is believing what the boyfriend tells her.
The cheater is one selfish person. I mean, c'mon, juggling two girls, playing with their hearts and feelings. What an asshole. The cheater has no right to be mad... Kahit kaninong girl, the girlfriend or the other woman. Because he should be mad at himself because he is one selfish asshole. The cheater is the root of the problem, so, he doesn't have the right to be upset or mad or he doesn't have the right to demand because.. Again.. He is a fucking selfish asshole. x

Note: Errors and grammatical errors are expected in this post because I didn't re-read it and I don't plan on it. Have a nice day, grammar nazis! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Craving for drama eh?

After ilang months ng pananahimik, ayan nanaman. Haha! Funny how some people crave for drama. Yung tipong hahanap at hahanap ng way para mag create ng away, drama, gulo and all.

I find it so entertaining na kahit na we don't follow each other, eh, monitored pa rin nila yung tweets ko. For what diba? I don't get it. My friends and I sometimes joke about it. Like pang punchline ganon. As a joke. Pero that doesn't mean we are not over it. That I'm not over it. Because I am. I am so over it. Beyond over it. And I also find it so funny kasi ang defensive nila. I mean, c'mon, just admit it. You guys are stalking me. Stop making excuses. Dumb shits. Haha. I am not stupid. I repeat. I am not stupid. I wasn't born yesterday. Don't make me look like a fool.

I don't need sympathy. So stop saying na ang galing ko kumuha ng sympathy ng tao. Haha. Damn. Kung kelangan ko ng awa, di ako sasagot. Di ako lalaban. And instead of blogging this, mananahimik ako. And magsusumbong sa ibang tao. Para sila ang lumaban or sumagot for me. I can fight my own battles. I don't need sympathy or help. 

And instead of telling me to move on, why don't you? Move on na! Don't be hurt if it isn't true. Oh wait. Totoo nga pala kaya nag rereact. People people. Haha. Crazy needy silly person x

Ps. Didn't mention any names. But you know who you are. You'll react din naman anyways haha so predictable